Xbox One is also Compatible with PS4 – Same Screen, Two Consoles

Indeed it sounds rather absurd, I mean who would want to buy an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 and then attach the two together? Well, as it turns out there are some who did so – just for fun’s sake. The bottom line is; you can attach a PlayStation 4 to an Xbox One, meaning you’ll play games on Sony’s console through Microsoft’s.

This is actually depicting the lengths to which Microsoft has ensured compatibility on their console. We did know previously that the Xbox One comes with an HDMI input socket that allows you to plug in media devices and use them through the Snap feature. What has now surfaced is that the range of compatible devices even includes PlayStation 4.

All you need to do is, attach the PlayStation 4 HDMI output into the Xbox One HDMI input socket and load up the TV app.

You will see the output of PlayStation 4 on the app screen and you will have the option to start a game on either console and using the snap feature place them side by side on the screen. Check out the video above.

What you will experience is a low frame rate on the PlayStation 4 game if you have placed both the games side by side. This is so because Xbox One’s TV app has not been given processing power with 30 FPS games in mind. On the other hand when you snap the PlayStation 4 game to full screen it works fine, apart from a slight latency in the controller.

There isn’t much of a catch in the feature apart from the fact that you can actually attach them. Nevertheless for some of those who own both the consoles, this might come in handy when they do not wish to switch HDMI cables on their TVs every now and then.

Not to forget how crazy it would be if you put up both the consoles and divide your 65 inch TV’s screen in two, playing side by side with a friend.