The Banner Saga Trailer Showcases Travelling and it’s Management

Stoic Studios, makers of the beautifully illustrated Turn-based-strategy RPG hybrid “The Banner Saga” released a trailer video, showcasing how Travelling works in the game and how it will impact the player’s experience.

The video covers the in-game stats: Morale, Supplies and Population. Other than their own use in the game, the stats can also be used and are affected during travelling.

High Morale gives the player’s characters increased damage, prevents the characters from dying in combat and is decreased when losing characters in a fight. In travelling, Morale is decreased when Supplies run short.

Supplies are used during travels, during these travels the player’s party can face encounters which can be bypassed by giving away supplies. Low Supplies results in loss of Morale which in turn affects combat and overall Population.

During the travels, the player can meet many characters who will either join or fight him. Increase in Population means having a bigger combat party but it also increases the Supplies usage. The more people who join the game, the longer the player’s story lasts.

Players also have the ability to camp during their travels which allows the player to upgrade and refit his party, as done in a city. Setting Camp improves morale but decreases Supplies.

The Banner Saga’s Multiplayer mode is available for free on Steam and the full game is set to release on January 14.