Freedom Wars First Gameplay Trailer is Out, Vita Owners are up for a Treat

Since the vibes created by the initial announcement and the teaser trailer of Freedom Wars back in May, many of us have been looking forward to what exactly the gameplay looks like.

Sony Computer Entertainment had kept the in game footage sealed off from public so far, but now the first gameplay trailer for the game has been released.

Freedom Wars sets foot in the future exactly 100,000 years from now where the world is in shambles. People are living underground and overpopulation has led to inhumane laws being practiced. Anyone who is accused of committing a crime is put in the jail and has to fight monsters to reduce his sentence.

Freedom Wars’ first gameplay trailer shows a team of heroes fighting against a giant monster in order to rescue a human he is holding captive.

The action is typical to Japanese games but the environment might need some more time to get polished. There still is plenty of time before the game gets released so I expect they would be working on it.

The game will be a multiplayer action title that will feature co-op play and a lot of monster bashing! Freedom Wars is a joint effort of SCE, Shift (God Eater) and DIMPS (Sonic 4) that is being developed as a PlayStation Vita exclusive title and will be released in Japan next year.

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