Don’t Worry, Xbox One Kinect Can’t See Through Yours Clothes

Apparently this was just another lame question to ask, and lamer was the reason why it was asked. Nevertheless a video demonstrating Xbox One Kinect was took up by cynics who speculated that the device could see through people’s clothing after believing that the video showed a man’s genitalia.

Microsoft issued a statement to IGN in response to the reservations stating that is not the case. The statement reads:

“First, if you watch the video you will see that what is being represented here is a fold in denim. There is no tech magic going on here and Kinect cannot see through clothing.”

The statement reads on, “Furthermore, the video was an illustration of the various camera views available for the creation of games and apps. This view is only accessible on a development kit and is not viewable on retail consoles.”

I didn’t even have that question in my mind when I saw the video myself but nevertheless, questions were raised and they have been answered. If you’d want to be sure for yourself, check out the video above.

Xbox One Kinect uses advanced technologies as depicted by the video, you can turn off the light and the Kinect allows you to switch to a night vision mode that will enable viewers to identify what is going on even though it is dark. The scope of the camera is larger than the previous version of Kinect too and it can nearly cover the whole room.

Xbox One Kinect has been subject to a number of reservations over the period of time but looking at how Microsoft has been assuring us about the harmlessness of the device, I think the users dont have much to worry about.