Lara Croft Reflections Trademarked by Square Enix, This Time in Europe

This is not the first time we have heard of the mysterious title Lara Croft Reflections.

Previously in March, Square Enix had trademarked the title in the United States. Things had been pretty quiet since then until we saw Square Enix teasing a Tomb Raider announcement recently. Now another trademark for the same title has appeared, this time in Europe.

So what exactly could this project be about? Could we be looking at another game, another DLC or is it something altogether different? Here’s what we have gathered so far; Karl Stewart had said back in March that they had no plans of a story based Tomb Raider DLC and that all the DLC was based around multiplayer “for now.”

This doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be planning for it now that the year has passed.

Also, if you’d remember, we recently posted about a hint made by Square Enix towards what could be a Tomb Raider announcement coming our way at the VGX in December.

Looking at the trademark page, it doesn’t really help to narrow down the possibilities as the registration suggests this could be classified under either of Computer Game Software, Printed Matter and Entertainment Services.

What comes to our mind next is the possibility of the 2014 Tomb Raider Comic that was discussed by acclaimed comics’ writer Gail Simone back in July. The comic is also supposed to release in February 2014. So there is a chance of that too.

As far as my speculations go, I think it is another evidence of the upcoming next generation game in the Tomb Raider series; December VGX seems to be the event I’ll be eyeing for an announcement.

What do you think Lara Croft Reflections is about?