Yes, Those Custom Xbox One Controllers are Looking Cool

Not that all of you are totally into the customized controllers, but those flashy colored things do look good sometimes. There are many gamers who would want to identify what they use differently from others.

For the same purpose the website Evil Controllers has put up a range of Custom Xbox One controllers for sale,. The list includes controllers with varying colors but each one of them, according to the website, is “an Official Microsoft Xbox One Controller with Glossy Orange Shell for the Xbox One.”

The new Xbox One controllers have been talked about a lot for the improvements they are bringing. For instance the trigger buttons, the plus 40 improvements that have been made over the Xbox 360 versions, new D-pad, data transfer enabled new radio and Kinect’s automatic recognition of the player using the controller.

The retail price of these Xbox One custom controllers ranges between $130 to $110, but right now the website if offering a flat 20 percent discount on all the controllers.

If you go out to buy, the Glossy White or Glossy Orange finish ones will set you back $89 while the other five i.e. Blue Urban, Orange Nightmare, Orange Urban, Sticker Bomb and White Zombie Hazard will cost $109.

In order to use them, you will have to dissemble the original controller and replace the existing plates with these. The machinery inside is placed in the custom shell and patched up again.

How crazy are you about personalizing your console?