Xbox One Reviews Roundup: Check Out the Scores

Microsoft’s next generation console releases in two days from now. Well, you already knew that. What’s important here is that for those of you who are wondering how much juice the Xbox One carries, the Hardware and User Interface reviews have started to surface.

From the not-so-space-saving yet sleek console to the slightly tweaked controller, from the classy Windows inspired user interface to the applaud worthy intelligent Kinect, from the pretty cozy online play features of Xbox Live to the missing live streaming of Twitch – there certainly is a lot that comes under consideration.

Now that Microsoft has finally lifted the embargo on reviews, nearly all of the reviewers have taken to it and are in the process of publishing their opinions. Though this is not a complete list of all the Xbox One Reviews and will continue to be updated every now and then, so keep a look out.

So far we have received these:

PCWorld – 4/5
Polygon – 8/10
TechCrunch – 7/10
TechHive – 4/5
The Telegraph – 4/5
The Verge – 7.8/10
Wired – 7/10

We shall keep you informed on the Xbox One reviews as they keep coming so that you can find them all in one place. After all, the Xbox One releases on November 22, just two days from now! And we would want you to be as informed as you’d like to be.