Video From Sony Shows Eye Tracking Functionality in the Works

How would you like to have a feature that takes care of the troubled camera issues in your shooting games once and for all? Well, if what Sony is experimenting could practically work out, you might have eye tracking in the near future that would let you control the camera with your eye – among other things.

GameTrailers has posted a video from Sony that shows how they have worked on their previous project and what their current endeavors are.

Sony Magic Lab, the research and development team behind DualShock 4, Eye Toy Camera and the Move is teaming up with Sensomotoric Instruments (SMI) to work on a new eye tracking device.

The development is still in the earliest of stages but the aim right now is to provide functionality that will let players control the in game cameras with the direction of their eye. For example you turn your eye left if you want the camera to move left and so on.

If things go as planned, this could even replace the aiming features of the games. Now of course that is a little too complicated at this stage but they surely are working on it.

A prototype that was shown in a video looks like a bar that tracks your eye movements and maps it down to understand where you are looking at a specific time. so far, they have managed the prototype to send commands to the game regarding camera placements.

Watch it yourself in the video above.

Now I am not saying this is exactly what we will get in the future, but it still gives a sense of direction as to what Sony is aiming at in the future.