Sony Santa Monica Job Listing Suggests a New IP in Works

We do know that Sony Santa Monica Studios is lending a hand in the development of The Order: 1886 but what else are they up to? What could it be that made Yoshida term their work as “Epic, Panic, Extraordinary” when the studio’s next project was teased about at the North American launch of PlayStation 4?

Well, a chunk of information has surfaced that might help soothe the curiosity just a little bit – or maybe ignite some more. Nevertheless, Sony Santa Monica Studio has put up a job listing; they are looking for a Senior Level Designer “for an unannounced title.”

Here’s what they say they want the Level Designer to work on:

  • open world level design.
  • ambient gameplay and side missions.
  • navigation/platforming challenges.
  • building 3D environments.
  • modeling and texturing.
  • designing and implementing fun/challenging AI layouts.
  • scripting entities.
  • placing rough cameras, including animated and entity-triggered cameras.
  • sound implementation.
  • level warping and gameflow.
  • cinematic placement and triggering.

Sony Santa Monica Studio is also looking for a Senior Technical Designer but the Level Designer job listing gives away more. You can check out the former listing by visiting the official website yourself.

So what do you make of it? I see an open world game that would have navigation/platforming, add to that scripted events and sidequests, cinematics and other challenges. Is it just me or we are looking for some sort of a Grand Theft Auto cum Assassin’s Creed game?

Well, those are just speculations; you think over it and let us know what you think this could be about.

Source: AllGamesBeta