Snowflakes: Dead Rising 3 Launch Trailer is a Zombie Snowfall

Capcom Vancouver’s pretty hyped up zombie apocalypse based game Dead Rising 3 is going to hit the markets in two days. Although the early reviews of the game have made it certain that it will be an impressive hit, the launch trailer tries hard to ensure the same.

Dubbed as “Snowflakes” the launch trailer starts off with hordes of zombies falling down from the skies like snowflakes. You see Ramos running for his life in a car until he finally gets his hands on a weapon to start tearing them apart.

It’s a pure adrenaline rush for the ones who are going to be new to the game and it will bring back the slightly humorous effects that the previous versions of the game had. Most of the reviewers have given it rather high scores, so i guess the stage is set for a good zombie filled season.

Dead Rising 3 features a high level of customization and weapon usage in a slaughterhouse of a world that has been torn apart by zombies. Nick Ramos is struggling to keep him and the handful of survivors safe from the never ending groups of zombies that spray every road, every alleyway.

The game is not flawless of course, but the fact is there still is a lot of fun built in the game that makes it worth having. The cinematography is impressive, check out the dead rising 3 launch trailer and see for yourself.

How many of you are going to get Dead Rising 3 when it releases aslongside Xbox One on November 22?