PlayStation 4 System Update 1.51 Releases Today

Sony is trying hard to get PS4 in its optimal form as soon as possible.

System update 1.50 was released along with the console on November 15 and it has been followed closely by another System Software Update. The US PlayStation Blog has confirmed that PlayStation 4 System Update 1.51 will be released today.

This update will be mandatory for all the console users and will add to the “stability of system software” as well as improve the user interface of the console by adding “minor refinements to elements of the system UI.” One example of the UI changes given by the post is that it will be clearly indicated to a user when he is downloading a game and a game patch at the same time.

We are also hoping that this will be the update that fixes some of the major problems that the console is facing right now. It would be nice to see lesser game crashes and blue lights.

The North American regions have been enabled for automatic downloads when it comes to game updates and system upgrades on the consoles which means that the downloading will start when the PlayStation 4 is in standby mode.

You can update your console using alternative methods too, for instance you can use a USB, or a disc that contains the update file provided by Sony. Visit the PlayStation website for further instructions on the PlayStation 4 System Update 1.51.