New information on Deep Down “The Dungeons Have Feelings”

New information has been released on, Deep Down, Capcom’s free to Play dungeon crawler exclusive to the PS4 console. The game will enter beta around February when the console releases in Japan.

In their bid to add variation to the game, Capcom has based the game environment on Moods/Persona which are referred to as Memento and will change depending on ‘Feelings’

In September’s TGS Demo, Relics were shown in the game which are picked up by the player allowing him to guide “Memories” from the past which trigger voice-overs in the game. So it can be expected that the dungeons change when the player picks up a Relic.

Dungeons themed as “Anger” will have raging fires and other chaotic elements whilst Dungeons themed as “Sorrow” will be covered in Ice and other ‘mellow’ elements. The dungeon shown in the Trailer, which debuted in Tokyo Game Show, shows a dungeon themed as “Joy”.

The dungeon is brightly lit with warm colors and chambers open to the sky.

Earlier, Capcom announced their plan of making the dungeons more ‘inviting’ for exploration. Each dungeon will be randomly generated not only in terms of architecture but size, treasures, traps and monsters. The Warp Points always leading the player to an interesting location.

Current news about the game suggests that Deep Down is a four player Co-op Dungeon Crawler-Monster Hunter hybrid, but it’s still too early to say if it stays that way after it’s released.

Future updates on the game will be about the Player, focusing on player customization and possibly a detailed look at combat.