Naoki Yoshida Talks FFXIV: ARR Patch 2.1 Changes, Release Delays

Final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a massive patch on the way. Patch 2.1 was expected to release in November but was delayed due to server problems early on.

Answering to players’ questions about the patch’s release and their pleas for breaking the massive patch into smaller patches, Director Naoki Yoshida explained that the game was set to have a patch by November but due to the massive server traffic, the patch was delayed and server teams dispatched to alleviate the server load.

He also explained that the FFXIV team works on multiple versions of the game simultaneously, they tackle bug reports, future patches, PS4 development along with adding new content and balancing Patch 2.1; that is they work on current and future projects at the same time (Which they call “Branch” Development Method) as their work on bug fixes flows over to the upcoming patch’s balances and addition of new content flows over to the PS4 version’s development and testing.

Patch 2.1 is said to have been on the works since Launch, but due to the large-scale measures needed to be implemented in the game (bug fixes) taking most of the team’s focus away from the Patch and thus the PS4 development as well. Yoshida promised to stick to the original plan of releasing a patch every two to three months and maintain the cycle.

As for splitting patches, Yoshida explains there is a lot of content in the patch and to keep it from jumbling up, the content will be released at once. Admitting that splitting the patch isn’t impossible but certain elements just couldn’t be released separately like:

  • Housing system and related UI
  • The Wolves’ Den and related UI
  • Large-scale update for the Duty Finder
  • Full-fledged Party Finder system

Other than that, split-patches will increase the chances of players coming across incomplete elements of the game which will ruin the player’s experience, as well as the time needed to prepare a patch for release; splitting the patch will further delay the complete content from being available to the players by 2-4 more weeks.

Yoshida also said the most discussed minor tweaks or improving current function require more work than expected since they’re closely tied to the Server’s Code.

Addressing a possible exodus from the game, Yoshida acknowledged the risk and said they were keeping a close eye on the forums but thinks it’s better not to split the patch and avoid causing balance issues.

Patch 2.1 will add new content, refine and balance the combat, crafting, gathering and introduce the PVP mode, housing, content for solo players. You can read the patch notes in detail in this thread.