Marvel Heroes Gets New Loki Trailer And Asgard PvP Mode, Gambit Arriving This Month

Gazillion Entertainment released a new clip for their Marvel Heroes multiplayer online (MMO) game. This free-to-play title recently added Loki from the Thor lore to its lineup of playable characters, which we’ll get to see in some gameplay footage.

Loki isn’t exactly a hero, so his addition to the roster is a bit dubious, but the story sets him up by having his brother Thor ask him for aid to defeat Doctor Doom. This will undoubtedly have ulterior motives, but it does give you a chance to look at Loki’s frost giant powers.

Together with his staff, the Asgard god can use the power of ice to shoot icicles towards opponents. He can also deceive enemies to change their alliance, attacking their own side. When all else fails, he can transform into his frost giant self and obliterate the area.

The addition of Loki is part of the recent Marvel Heroes 2.0 update, which adds the region of Asgard with tons of new content. Players can now go to Norway to battle icy foes or move to Odin’s palace. A new tier of equipment comes with the update, in the form of Legendary Items, which hold multiple ranks. The patch also adds tons of superhero balance tweaks.

Furthermore, Gazillion Entertainment released a new Player versus Player (PvP) mode, themed around Asgard.

In the new Fire & Ice matches, two teams of five players go head to head, similar to arena games like League of Legends. Here, however, the team must protect their giants from opponents, while having to defeat the opposition.

A new form of currency will be introduced for the PvP mode. After each match, players are awarded Asgardian Crowns that can be traded for a new line of PvP items.

All changes are made to relate to the recent launch of the new Marvel movie, Thor 2: The Dark World.

Outside of these announcements, Gazillion has also made clear the the card-slinging X-men member Gambit will make his introduction this month. We’ll make a prediction and say one of his skills will have to do with flinging cards. Maybe there will be one where he just charges kinetic energy into something as well.