Black Mesa Developers Plan to Bring a Retail Version of the Mod

The Half Life franchise turned 15 today – kudos to them!

The game’s third party remake, Black Mesa’s developers have their own way of commemorating the anniversary though. Black Mesa Modification Team posted on their website yesterday that they are planning to bring the mod to Steam as a retail release.

Previously the mod Black Mesa was Greenlit by the community and chapters of the original game starting from Black Mesa Inbound up until Lambda Core were released in September last year. The mod was obviously free up until now.

According to the post, the team has been allowed by Steam to bring a retail version of the game onboard, but they have issues with that.

Initially, the modders believe that they will need financial aid in order to make the game completely worth the money that people will have to spend on it once it’s tagged with a price.

The plan according to them is that the game will be put up for a small price on Steam, this will be for a short period and the free version will soon be added.

They also plan on open sourcing the maps and some game assets for the modding community.

“One is we believe we can make the game even better by having full access to the Source engine. This lets us tackle and fix limitations instead of working around them. The second is because frankly, our team could really use the financial help.”

If you are one of those who focus on cost versus benefit along with plans to support the gaming community, you would be wondering what will be the catch for you if you are paying for something that has otherwise been free.

Well, Black Mesa Team has insisted that the retail version will have features that the free version cannot have although they haven’t specified anything yet.

The original Half Life game was released on November 19, 1998 and since then it has gone to the lengths of world domination in terms of gaming. It was the first project of Valve which, now, is a big name in itself. The original release and the re-release have managed to sell more than 9 million copies of the game.