Aksys Games Holds Charity Sale For Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Localization firm Aksys Games, in conjuncture with MarvelousAQL and Arc System Works, are organizing a small charity sale for some of their more well-known franchises. Its proceeds will, in part, be sent to the victims of the recent Haiyan typhoon that devastated the Philippines area.

Aksys has four items on sale, priced at just $5 each, which include tax and shipping for the first bought item. That’s a pretty cheap deal to get some small trinkets from game series you may enjoy. Items on sale are as follows:

Muramasa: Rebirth fan and CD soundtrack: A small paper fan depicting artwork for Muramasa, as well as an abridged score with 5 tracks.
BlazBlue Jubei Plushie: Small fabric toy from the fighting game’s anamorphic cat hero, done in super deformed “chibi” style.
Muramasa: Rebirth lithograph and CD soundtrack: Small pane with concept art in traditional eastern style, along with an abridged CD, containing 5 songs.
BlazBlue official comic: Booklet done in black and white manga style with cover depicting Noel Vermillion and Rachel Alucard.

This sale is primarily directed towards the US. It will end on November 25, 2013. Items are not available separately.

Typhoon Haiyan ravaged through the Pacific at the beginning of November. It was the second deadliest formation to be recorded in history. Over 4,000 people have lost their lives to it, so far. It is only outdone by typhoon Thelma in 1991, which claimed over 5,000 lives.