4X PC Game Star Lords Gets New Teaser Trailer

A new clip has emerged for PC game Star Lords, courtesy of its publisher, Iceberg Interactive. It’s a short teaser, mostly detailing the space game’s visuals.

We are presented with a few ominous words hurled at us, however. Aside from that, the screen takes a look at the model for this galactic title in the 4X genre. Several planets revolve around a brightly shining star, neatly created ships fly through the emptiness of the universe and so on.

There’s also some special attention for gameplay, with a short view on how ship creation is done and how to manage a colony. If you ever wanted to make a galactic speech, this would be the game for you.

One of the things whisked over quickly in this teaser is the separate combat system. In Star Lords, you’ll fight in dedicated playing fields, on a hex grid.

There, squads are given an amount of points for each ship, which are used for any movement, action or attack. This turn-based battle should be fodder for the strategy experts out there.

Furthermore, Star Lords promises more complexity, in the form of diplomatic relations between nations. It’s possible to call out universal decrees, which will shape the way a colony is governed. For more insidious tactics, leaders can send out spies to sabotage others.

Contentment is a large part of the game. Players need to manage planets to ensure its citizens are happy enough to function, which affects production.

Star Lords is just one of the many indie 4X games that Iceberg Interactive has recently signed to their label. Previous efforts include the lauded Endless Space and the early access title Horizon.