Video For Quantum Rush Shows Its WipeOut-Like Space Track

Racing title Quantum Rush has released a new video with a fly-through of another level – The action will take vehicles through space itself.

The clip shows the track bending wildly through whirling space stations and opening up at a nearby mining plant. Many turns also occur in tight tunnels.

Additionally, this track will lead its contestants through an asteroid field. That’s bound to mess up some paintjobs. Further winding through space is provided with beam tracks that make it look like you’re lost in an endless ocean of blackness.

As far as visuals go, this PC game in development is doing pretty well. There is definitely a feel reminiscent of the WipeOut series on Playstation.

Many different vehicles swerve through tracks and crazy bends with high speeds, which gets accompanied with tons of jumps. Racing has an added combat element, where powerups can be picked up on the track and hurled at opponents.

Its sort of a floating turn design having a flair of F-Zero titles to it. Moreover, the many different tracks move away from simply having the futuristic style spell out space vibes every time. There are races set through the desert, like the Star Wars pod races. Some levels go through lush gardens. It’s pretty varied.

If you’re looking to get in on this game, you’re in luck, as Quantum Rush will eventually be free to play. In its development stage, you can support the developers with a donation, which will give you early access to the game.