Valve Set to Reveal VR Prototype Next Year

With the next-gen of gaming here and their Steam platform ever rising to new heights, it’s finally time for Valve to suit up and cross paths with the gaming hardware business.

The company’s vision doesn’t just end with their recent announcements of the Steam OS and Steam Machines. In fact Valve wants to throw in a virtual reality headset in the mix as well.

A prototype has been promised to be revealed at the Steam Dev Days event which is scheduled to take place in Seattle in mid-January; one which demonstrates “what affordable Virtual Reality (VR) hardware will be capable of within a couple of years.”

Mike Abrash will be hosting an entire session dedicated to the potential of virtual reality and will be followed by Joe Ludwig who will head up a “Virtual Reality and Steam” session. The company plans to reveal their plans here to support and promote VR gaming through the Steam store.

This is not the first time that Valve has shown interested in VR gaming. The company has at times spoke on the subject in the past couple of years. In fact the past year has only seen Valve to become more bold about their support to VR gaming and the company believes that virtual reality is going to be a strong part of gaming in the next couple of years.

Their recently announced Steam Machines from third-party vendors will be revealed during CES 2014, which takes place in the first week of January.