Speedball 2 HD Coming To Steam In December

Speedball 2 HD is coming to PC next month. It was announced that developer veterans Jon Hare and Mike Montgomery will team up with Vivid Games to bring back this classic title to digital download platforms.

It will be available through Steam on December 5, 2013 for a price of €7.99. Early adopters will be able to enjoy a 20% discount for a limited time only.

Speedball is a game played in the future year of 2326, where team members bust the bones of their opponents, by crashing into them. It’s viewed from a top perspective, where high passes make the ball appear larger as it’s passing overhead. If you can survive, the team who scores the most goals wins.

Aside from high definition updates to the pixelated visuals, the game also holds a total of 336 players in 28 teams. These can be upgraded and transferred. Owners can also create their own squad of deadly players.

Combative sporting elements are further enhanced with several powerups and bonus shots. So far, only local multiplayer is supported, but the game will allow for both controller and keyboard controls.

Games like these take inspiration from movies like The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In it, a game show surrounds itself on letting its players fight to the death in a gauntlet, for sport and entertainment. The film even featured Sub-Zero, though not in the Mortal Kombat sense he’s known for.

For some reason, the 80s believed that the future would return to some dystopian Roman gladiator games. Arcade combat sports were later popularized by Smash TV.

Speedball 2 HD was originally made by The Bitmap Brothers. Another title from them, The Chaos Engine, was recently relaunched as well.

So, are you going to get nostalgic?