Sony Adds Binary Domain And Stranger’s Wrath to IGC

Sony has today announced two new additions to their Instant Game Collection – Binary Domain and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. Those yet to purchase the new PlayStation 4 can take advantage of the offer and keep themselves busy until then.

Binary Domain is a third-person squad-based shooter on the PlayStation 3 that is set in a futuristic era. Not everything is run and gun here and every action you take will have a lasting effect on your squad and how your storyline progresses. You can always take into account the game’s Consequences System and opt to go for an honest approach or fire first and ask questions later.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is an action-adventure title for the PlayStation Vita where players will fill the shoes of a bounty hunter. Required to raise enough resources for an important medical procedure, you as the bounty hunter will use either a stealthy or guns blazing approach to capture or kill your targets and in turn raise as much money as possible.

Both of these titles will be available tomorrow once the PlayStation Store updates. Until then you still have the option of picking up Sine Mora from the Instant Game Collection.

Source PlayStation Blog