GOTY Edition for The Walking Dead is now Available for $29.99

Fully titled as The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series ‘Game of the Year Edition’ (GOTY), is available right now in North America for $29.99. Both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 copies are out, as well as a PC release.

Included in this deal, you’ll receive the full list of five episodes that came with the first season of the adventure game, as well as the amended 400 Days downloadable content (DLC).

Going away from the main game’s story with protagonist Lee and his child companion Clementine, this DLC covered a total of five characters, intertwining at similar locations throughout the playthrough. These events set up what would happen in a second season for The Walking Dead, giving players the choice of who to do the journey with.

More goods in the GOTY edition include an exclusive behind the scenes video, as well as the original score for the game.

With the Walking Dead, developer Telltale achieved the top rank of critical acclaim, with its surprising victory at the Video Game Awards, as well as a slew of commendations from major sites like Gamespot, Polygon and so on. It focuses on narrative choices that stay with the player’s progression throughout several episodes.

Additionally, Telltale announced that Season Two of the game will start before the end of the year. It will first release for digital download and once more consist of five episodes, concluded somewhere in 2014.

They are currently also venturing out with other titles based on comic books, with their episodic adventure title The Wolf Among Us. It follows the same design as The Walking Dead, but set in the fairy tale world from the Fables comics.