Deep Down Might Only Get Released in Japan First

Capcom’s first PlayStation 4 title, Deep Down, was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment back in February along with the unveiling of the next generation console itself.

So far, no release date for the game had been announced and nothing was said about the release markets but new information has surfaced.

The German version of PlayStation website gives away details about the release markets that the US or EU website does not have. The website states that the game will be released to Japan initially and also that the UK release of the game was still under consideration.

Now does that mean the UK version of the game is still not confirmed? That could be something big. Whatever the case is, it did seem the case when the game was originally revealed though. Here’s the text from the website:

“This exclusive title for PS4 will initially appear only in Japan. A European release is still under discussion.”

Deep Down is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title made around the fantasy role playing games genre. The game will be based in a futuristic fantastical world that depicts New York City in the year 2094.

Time travel will play a major role in the game when people get teleported into the distant past where they explore dungeons, fight monsters and go treasure hunting. Magical elements will play as the teleportation keys.

How many of you have been eyeing out for the game in UK or US?