Call of Duty: Ghosts PC Patch Available, Fixes RAM Issue

Call of Duty: Ghosts PC Patch has been rolled out by IW today. It’s a 400+MB update which is available now for download on Steam. The patch attempts to address performance issues and add certain multiplayer features.

Currently, the patch notes are unavailable, but some folks who have updated their game have mentioned minor details on Reddit of what it has to offer. According to the posts, the patch removes the 6GB RAM requirement to start the game, reducing it to 4GB.

A Broadcaster mode has also been added to the multiplayer, which features a first-person, third-person, and over-shoulder view for spectators, and also grants some options for recording videos.

There is also a new eSports setting that hard-codes certain variables on games like Search and Destroy and Blitz, such as limiting certain perks and weapons. Other options to restrict weaponry are also available.

Users are still reporting that the FPS seem to be locked at 91, while some have still complained about stutters despite the update.

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