1979 Revolution: Black Friday Needs Your Help on Kickstarter

iNK Stories, that houses veterans who have worked behind games like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Manhunt and Homefront have come up with an intriguing preposition. The developer is looking to make a game focusing the 1979 Revolution of Iran.

A Kickstarter page for the game has been launched as the project is going to be crowdfunded. From the looks of it, I am certain it is a very different approach to gaming i.e. it will probably be the first game to have been developed based on this point of history. Seeing how it is unique and intriguing, I am expecting the funding to go pretty well.

The story line of the game is certainly strong, focusing on a young journalist who is living through the whole ordeal. The page reads:

“Told through the story of Reza, a young photojournalist in Tehran, during the electric and tumultuous days of the Iranian revolution in 1979. Without political or religious motivation, Reza is impassioned by the idea of change and embittered by the brutal loss of his cousin, he enlists and becomes a key player in the movement to overthrow the monarchy.”

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is going to be built for the action adventure genre with elements of stealth, exploration, mini games and a lot of critical decision making points. You will be living in the world of a journalist doing his job amidst the uprising that came with its own set of dangers.

Rewards including Stencil Kits, T-shirts, Backer Hats, Graphic Novels and even the options of having your voice in the game, getting to be a character in the game have been offered by the Kickstarter page.

Backers have already pledged around $53,537 According to the Kickstarter page; the game will be out in the spring of 2014 and will be released to PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.