World of Warplanes Launches Assistant App For iOS

Online game provider Wargaming has released a new application for World of Warplanes, its airborne counterpart to World of Tanks.

The second multiplayer online (MMO) game for PC from the company officially launched this month. The application, called the World of Warplanes Assistant, should help the masses to manage the wide array of content available.

For starters, users can find every aircraft the game possesses on the app, along with a series of their respective features. Moreover, it’s possible to make a comparison between vehicles, given they are in the same class range.

To find your preferred unit, it’s possible to perform a search on a set of criteria and have the appropriate models show up, along with specs.

Players can also bring up leaderboards for planes from a selected class.

Perhaps most importantly, this information is available to users on the go. There’s no need for an online connection to browse the assistant app.

Vlad Belozerov from World of Warplanes mentioned:

Since World of Warplanes is now live, we wanted to ensure there was an optimized way to deliver all of the important data to gamers at all times.

The director of Global Operations continued with:

It’s far more convenient to have on-the-go access to information, whether you want to check on your stats or look through the entire game’s roster.

Further improvements are on the way, such as statistics for battles, information on owned aircrafts and the ability to compare different classes.

Quite like the PES app released today, the World of Warplanes Assistant is available for iOS only, with an Android release to follow soon.