Stanley Parable Announcer Pack Revealed for Dota 2

Fans of the narrator in The Stanely Parable will be happy to know that the voice of Kevan Brighting is being featured in a new announcer pack for Valve’s Dota 2.

The news was revealed today when one of the developers of the game, Davey Wreden, Tweeted the following: “Sitting down with [co-developer William Pugh] to begin writing the Stanley Parable Dota 2 announcer pack”.

Unfortunately the developer didn’t mention as to when the announce pack would be released to the public. With the holidays fast approaching, Dota 2 players should expect the new addition to the game’s store by early next month.

Last year in December, Dota 2 added the Bastion announcer pack which featured its rugged-voiced narrator Logan Cunningham. The pack was put on sale for $9.99 and is also tradeable through Steam. Perhaps you could expect the new Stanley Parable pack to drop by the same date, that is December 19, 2013.

Source Twitter