Resogun Walkthrough Guide – Veteran Difficulty Tips and Strategy

Resogun goes back to the good ol’ days of the side-scrolling shooter, giving those owners of the new PlayStation 4 that are also long-time fans of the classic genre something to strive for. Like most modern games, Resogun is abundant with trophies and challenges that push your skills to the limit.

This guide will go through the completion and achievement of all the trophies associated with the Veteran Difficulty.

Completing the game on this tough difficulty setting is quite rewarding, as it grants the player multiple trophies in one play through. Of course, the challenge and fun that is associated with such a difficulty is also a big bonus.

Before we talk about the trophies themselves, let’s look at the Veteran difficulty brings first.

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Resogun Walkthrough – Veteran Difficulty

So what does playing on such a difficulty mean? Well, the enemies will have enhanced speed, health, aggression, and more attack types.

They will also be much larger in number, and will turn into ‘golden variants’ if they are left alive for too long. These golden badasses are super-enhanced versions of their default type, with much more health and different attack patterns.

So what ship should you take to tackle all this unforgiving mayhem? The best choice is probably the Ferox, but if you are confident about your Boost skills, then perhaps you should go for the Nemesis.

The true RESOGUN starts here…
“Complete all levels on Veteran Difficulty”

Yep, that’s the name of the daddy trophy that you’ll get by finishing the game on Veteran difficulty. The true RESOGUN starts here trophy is the king of trophies, because while on your journey to acquire it, you will get many other trophies.

What’s really cool is that all the other difficulty-related trophies (Experienced, etc.) will also become unlocked, so if you have the skill and the patience, attempting a run through the game on Veteran is a massive shortcut for acquiring many trophies in one go.

There are five levels in RESOGUN, all with a common progression system. The levels are divided into three phases, followed by the level boss. The three phases are comprised of increasing number of enemies, after which you encounter the level boss. All the bosses themselves have three phases that you need to go through in order to defeat them.

Here are the levels of the game:

  • Level 1: Acis
  • Level 2: Ceres
  • Level 3: Decima
  • Level 4: Febris
  • Level 5: Mefitis

Let’s look at the individual trophies associated with completing each level. We’ll also give tips to completing them on Veteran so you can achieve the above mentioned trophy.

Level #1 – Acis

Elected Official – The first level of the game is Acis, and it mainly acts like a tutorial. You’ll learn how to use skills like Boost and Overdrive and perform the task of saving humans. The first phase is really simple and easy, but it can become fairly challenging in the second and third phase of the level.

It’s also a very long level as compared to the others, and you can easily be overwhelmed by the patience required. You should use your Overdrive and Boost against the enemies properly, as it’s very easy to actually die from them.

Once you have finished the phases, you will encounter the boss. Make sure you avoid his pulsing fire and touching his body. You need to destroy three of its weak points in order to open up the core. Once you have, you need to access it and destroy the internal walls.

Once each layer is destroyed, the boss will re-orient itself, forcing you to change positions and repeat the process.

Level #2 – Ceres

Certified Electrician – This level is very standard, and if you managed to go through Acis, you shouldn’t have much problem completing this on Veteran difficulty. However, the boss of this level is rather tricky.

You should really have a grip on your Boosting ability in order to tackle this boss.

You will need to destroy four of its weak points in order to progress. On Veteran difficulty, the boss will actually attempt to take evasive maneuvers, moving away from you to avoid getting hit on its weak points.

In order to counter-attack this, you will quickly need to utilize your Boost while being careful in not touching the boss. Make sure you boost in such a way that you avoid incoming fire.

Once you have destroyed the weak points, the boss will evolve. It’ll create a fire pillar and become much more aggressive. Move away from the boss until the fire pillar arises, and you can shoot through the fire and move to the other side.

The boss will reveal its weak point. Keep avoid its attacks and maintain enough distance to avoid its aggression, and attack the weak point when it is revealed. Repeat this process and use your Boost efficiently.

Level #3 – Decime

Store No More – This is probably one of the more difficult levels in the game, particularly the third phase, which is super-tough.

One notorious annoyance in this level is a snake-like zigzagging foe that is very hard to kill. What that does is it makes it turn into its upgraded gold form, and then things just get even more irritating. Most people suggest that Phobos is the best solution against it on Veteran difficulty.

For the third phase, you should use a bomb or even an Overdrive and a bomb to get through it. Yes, multipliers are fun, but when it comes to survival, you should be sacrificing them.

The boss of this level is pretty fun actually. It has some fairly weak attacks in the first phase which are quite easy to avoid. Yes, it’s an agile boss overall, but for the first phase you won’t find too much difficulty.

Things do, however, become a bit frustrating when it starts to clone itself and also release debris. You should completely ignore the boss at this time and attempt to destroy these cubes, or else you will be facing a swarm of enemies along with its attacks, which can be very overwhelming.

Level #4 – Febris

Winter is Not Coming – The second last level of the game also has a very difficult third phase. There will be plenty of lasers here, and your movement will thus be restricted heavily. This also means that you will not be able to get the humans easily at all, unless you carefully plan it out and position yourself correctly.

Whatever you do, make sure you save your Overdrive for the boss. The boss here has a lot of resilience, and it can take significantly longer to reveal its weak point (core) before you can damage it effectively, thus increasing your chances of dying.

In order to increase your chances of living, you should use your Overdrive to reveal its weak point, which you can then attack. Make sure you avoid the homing missiles. It’s not recommended to use your Boost here in Veteran difficulty to dodge them, as it can allow you to overshoot and take damage.

Level #5 – Mefitis

Cool Trophy! – Mefitis is the final stage of the game, and obviously the hardest. The final boss is also the toughest yet. You will absolutely need your Overdrives and bombs in this stage, and Boost will be almost useless here.

You will have difficulty in destroying enemies that leave the golden trail behind them. Avoid being in the middle, and instead take them out from top to bottom or the other way around.

During phase 3 a ton will spawn at the top, middle, and bottom simultaneously. It is best to just use a bomb to immediately get rid of them, as you’ll be facing a problematic wave of enemies immediately afterwards.

Yup, it’s the huge lasers again, and you will want to take them out as quickly as possible when you see them. These bad boys can really restrict your movement, so make sure you don’t let them jumble up too quickly.

And now it’s time for the final boss. This boss has four different phases. In the first phase he will act like a zigzag cube snake. It has a specific way of coming at you, which is easy to judge, make sure you boost away from it whenever it is about to make its next movement towards you. Keep yourself mobile while you attack the boss.

The second phase will have red cube lines.

Try and stay between the lines and attack them for as long as possible. Make sure you boost at correct times. It can be very easy to lose focus and get hit here, so you will have to be patient and work accordingly.

The third phase will have this multiple hydra-like cubes coming out. You should actually stay close to the boss at this time while you are at the bottom of the screen. Avoid its attacks and try to find its opening, and repeat the steps.

The final phase will be a mixture of the first and third phase, with a zigzag snake and orb attacks. If you have multiple lives you can actually boost into an opening at the top or bottom of the snake and safely attack it, without the risk of dying to the orbs.

If you still need more help, ask in the comments and we will help you out!