Resogun Guide – How To Fully Upgrade Your Ship

Your vehicle makes a lot of difference in any game where vehicles are involved at all, even if it’s a side-scroller like Resogun.

The futuristic yet nostalgically pleasing vessels of Resogun are basically you yourself, and in order to take on the challenging foes and nerve-wrecking bosses, you’ll need to upgrade them as much as you can. So how do you exactly upgrade? Here’s how:

Full Upgrading Your Ship
There are two main components of your ship that can be upgraded: your main guns and your Overdrive.

In order to upgrade the main guns, you will need to destroy the floating green circular plus signs that release power ups. Keep your eyes peeled for them, and if you manage to get each and every one, you’ll be able to have fully upgraded main guns by the mid of the fourth round.

In order to upgrade your Overdrive, you will need to save as many humans as possible.

If you’ve been a selfish moron and haven’t been making the necessary efforts to save humanity, you probably won’t be able to upgrade it fully.

It’s tempting to actually ignore saving humans, because it’s much more difficult to do than destroy stuff. But if you are thorough about it, you should be able to complete the Overdrive upgrade by the third phase of Decima.

Unlocking Trophy
Fully upgrading both your Overdrive and your main guns in one single campaign run has a trophy associated with it, called “To the Max!” Again, you have to upgrade both Overdrive and main guns for obtaining this trophy.