Resogun Arcade Mode Guide – 1CC Tips and Strategy

The word “Arcade” is barely seen in games now, but that’s now the case with the fresh PlayStation 4 side-scroller Resogun. The Arcade mode of the game will give you a limited number of lives to go through its challenging five missions.

Like most other life-based games, you will have the opportunity to restock your revives by saving humans. This will also let you get bombs, which are very important on higher difficulties.

Why higher difficulties, you ask? Well, you don’t want to be called a Rookie, and then there’s a shiny trophy associated with completing the Arcade mode on Experienced. The game already is pretty challenging, and it takes it up a notch on this difficulty setting.

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Thanks: Andre Motley on PS Trophies

Resogun Arcade Mode – How To Finish Without Losing All Lives
The trophy associated with this feat is called 1CC, and demands that you don’t lose all your lives while playing. It sounds like an easy task, but Arcade is fairly tough even on Rookie difficulty, so having a go at Experienced will be even more challenging.

As stated earlier, the recommended way to do this is to save humans. You need to save every human you can. Many of the later humans, usually the 6th, 7th, and 8th, will give you bombs and extra lives.

Make sure you collect these, as both will serve very well. The recommended ship for this is the Phobos. This is because it has an excellent kill rate with its explosives.

You also get a close-ranged laser attack to protect yourself. It’s true that you won’t get the mobility of a Nemesis, but it is overall the best ship for Arcade.

In fact, the Nemesis is absolutely terrible for the task. Boosting is fun and all, but it will make you lose a lot of lives, especially in the tighter situations that you’ll be encountering from the third level and onwards.

Since the Phobos allows you to kill stuff really quickly, you can use Overdrive much more often, which in turn will greatly boost your survival chances. Using bombs you find is also a huge bonus, so never neglect the importance of saving humans.