The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep Expansion Delayed

Developer Turbine announced today that the “Helm’s Deep” expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online has been delayed until further notice.

The DLC was supposed to launch today but a massive power outage occurred in their main data centers yesterday which took a toll on the game’s servers and website. Since then Turbine has been busy restoring functionality and currently the game’s servers and website are back online. However, there are still various aspects for them to look over and this ultimately means that release of the expansion will have to be pushed back.

The Helm’s Deep expansion was reported last week to have had broken participant records while still in beta. Turbine has assured that they would be sharing constant updates on the “temporarily delayed” expansion via the game’s Facebook page and Twitter account. However, the developer didn’t really give away a new release date or time line.

“It’s the first expansion that we’ve had since Shadows of Angmar that required us to add servers to the beta world to match the number of players trying to log in and participate,” the game’s community manager Heaton wrote on the game’s forums. “It was the first beta since Shadows of Angmar that actually tripped our login queues on the beta world and forced us to raise the max player population.”

Currently some players may still experience issues in logging in to the servers. Turbine is looking into it as we speak.

Source Facebook