Final Fantasy X Remake Set Back to March 2014, A New Trailer is Out

Despite it being an old game, Square Enix had to push back the release for Final Fantasy X Remake to spring of 2014. Hopefully, you weren’t planning on reliving the classic roleplaying game (RPG) in high definition this year, as previously announced.

The exact date for Europe is now March 21, 2013 and that for Playstation 3 only. Its PS Vita launch will receive a date later.

To make up for their tardiness, the company has released a new trailer with the nicely shaded visuals of the new version of your old game. They’re not touching the weird animations or the lip syncing it seems, but that’s because they want to keep it a genuine experience, probably.

You can see footage for both Tidus and Yuna’s adventure to defeat Sin, as well as the girl power sequel, where Yuna and friends dress up and shoot guns. It shows the growth characters can make, from frail flower to sassy lady.

If you’re still holding on for this game, you can count on it containing both iterations on one disc for PS3. Aside from just polished graphics, the Final Fantasy X soundtrack of over 60 songs will be remastered in HD as well.

More importantly, the version of Final Fantasy X-2 will include the extra content from the international edition, which was previously unavailable outside of Japan. The game also comes with trophies, for you hunters out there.

Save games will work for both the Playstation 3 and PS Vita version. You will, however, need to own the game on both platforms for this crossover feature to work.

Until then, Playstation 2’s are still really cheap and so are the original versions of the game, which hold the same content. It’s just a thought you may want to consider.