Epic Games Auctioning off Gears of War Replica Lancers

We reported recently that Ana Kessel a Graphics Internee at Insomniac Games had lost a leg in a hit and run accident and that she was looking for financial aid.

As a gesture of great good will, Epic Games the developer of Gears of War has announced they will be auctioning Replica Lancers from the Gears of War game. The money collected will be given to help Kessel in her surgery.

A total of three replica lancers have been put up on eBay by the developer and they include a signed replica of the original lancer, a signed replica of the retro lancer and a signed replica of the gold retro lancer.

Here are the current bids:

Gears of War Signed Original Lancer Replica – US $455 (up from $205 yesterday)
Gears of War Signed Retro Lancer Replica – US $455 (up from $405 of yesterday)
Gears of War Signed Gold Retro Lancer Replica – US $405 (same)

The auction postings assure that 100 percent of the proceedings will be given to the struggling internee who is in dire need of money.

It is always great to see the community coming together to support one of their own. This is not the first instance where someone has come up to support her in the time of need; previously a fund of $150,000 was setup at gofundme.com for the same purpose and it has managed to collect more than $42,000 as of now.

All of us wish Ana Kessel a quick recovery and thank Epic Games for their efforts in the cause.