Command and Conquer Devlopment will Resume Under a New Studio

We had reported previously on the cancellation of Command and Conquer development by EA when the previous studio was disbanded as well. For those of you who really wanted to see the game in full bloom, there is a good news. The game has been resumed and will now be developed by a different studio.

Previous news had suggested that the future of the game was not really bright and that the development was unlikely to resume but something suggests that the development will restart sometime soon and under a different banner.

A post on the EA support forums has outlined the process of getting money refunded in case you had spent it on the Alpha test or bought the Ultimate Collection to gain the beta access. In the same post EA has said that the game will be moved to a new developer and get resumed in the future.

“Over the next 10 days we will be refunding any and all money spent in the alpha. If, after November 8, 2013, you still have not received refunds for your purchases, you should contact a game advisor and we will be happy to assist you,” reads the post.

At the end of the note it states that they “look forward to sharing the news with you when production resumes on this title in the future.” I am expecting them to bring out a version that is better than the one Victory Games had managed.

It would be such a shame if a project like Command and Conquer doesn’t get resumed.