League of Legends Pre-season 2014 Video Gives Overview on Changes

Season 3 concluded earlier this month, and League of Legends is currently in its pre-season stage. It’s unsure as to when Riot Games will begin Season 4 but for now, it’s time to rummage through the many changes being brought in for the new year.

A newly released video offers us an overview of what to expect in the new season, including upcoming changes for supports, the addition of trinkets, overhauling of the jungle routes and camps, global objectives, tweaks to vision and more.

Much of what the video mentions has been covered in previous posts but there are some new aspects, which need to be further highlighted.

Towers now offer greater rewards to the player who destroys, with the rest of the team reaping lesser rewards. This change will no doubt have teams making sure that their carries are the ones who get to destroy the towers.

Further more destroying inhibitors will only effect that specific lane.

Currently once you destroy an inhibitor, the rest of the lanes start spawning stronger creeps. This caused teams to turtle up and defend until their inhibitor spawned back. That will not be the deal anymore.

Season 4 brings a lot of major changes to the Support and Jungle roles. Check out the video above to get through them all.