State of Decay Breakdown DLC Coming on November 29

Originally planned for a late October release the first DLC for State of Decay was rescheduled for a late release.

Undead Labs has been working on it to polish it more and now that they are nearly done with it, the release date has been announced. State of Decay Breakdown will be out on Friday, November 29.

A post on the official Undead Labs website reads:

“Our first expansion comes largely from you and your dreams. Less story, more survival. Long-term survival. More difficulty. New achievements, survivors, and weapons. We hope you have as much fun with it as we have.”

Also, the expansion will be released to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on the same day, so none of you will have to wait longer than anyone else.

Another patch, the Title Update 4 will accompany the Breakdown DLC and fix certain bugs in the game. This will bring new features like a new loot distribution system as well. As far as the Steam users are concerned, a fully remappable keybind feature will be released a couple of days earlier than the expansion pack.

A Microsoft Studios self published game, State of Decay is an open world survival horror that brings you the typical zombie based gameplay that pitches you against hordes of the undead with stealth, evasion, and distractions being your major helping hands.

Make sure you download your State of Decay Breakdown DLC on Friday, November 29. Both the Xbox 360 and PC versions will cost you $6.99.