Resogun Launch Trailer is All About Destuction

Another PlayStation exclusive, Knack also received a launch trailer on the launch day of the game; same was the case with Resogun. The shoot em up side scroller is a PlayStation exclusive and a launch title that has been released into the North American regions along with the next generation console.

Resogun Launch Trailer shows the lead character’s ship in the line of fire, it is a destructive yet beautiful representation of a fighting sequence. The fast pace of the trailer gives away enough for us to understand that taking fire and returning fire is going to be an everyday chore.

You take the fight to the space with nova bombs, missiles and lasers for the sole reason of destruction of the enemy; your ultimate target is to rescue survivors who are being held captive in distant galactic colonies by ruthless aliens who have invaded you – yes they have brought back the alien attacks.

Developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Computer Entertainment itself, certain reviews have found the game “the star of the PlayStation 4 launch lineup.”

For those who know the game and are planning to get it, it is available right now at PlayStation Network. To others I would suggest you watch the trailer above and decide for yourself what you want to do.

Resogun is being offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers and is expected to get 3D support really soon.