Pokemon X & Y make Record Breaking Release in New Zealand and Australia

We are not done with the winning streak of Pokemon X and Y just yet. The game released in Australia and New Zealand on October 12 and within the first week of its release, the title had broken the Nintendo sales records for the region. Pokemon X & Y sold 100,000 units in the first seven days alone.

The record for the most selling game in Australia and New Zealand was previously held by Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version which sold 80,000 games in the first week. Pokemon X & Y beat this record on the first day of release alone, NPD has reported.

As the sales figures mega evolved, some of the retailers were reported to have gone out of stock too. Nintendo Australia’s website reads:

“The demand for these highly anticipated titles has meant that some retailers in Australia and New Zealand have been faced with an out-of-stock situation. Nintendo Australia is ensuring that additional stock will be available from this week to ensure consumers are able to begin their adventure as soon as possible. “

The game is also available on Nintendo eShop.

It was previously reported that the game had also played a cardinal role in the highly impressive sales report for the 2DS and 3DS consoles. A figure of 452,000 units was reported by NPD in their findings for the month of October.