New Alpha Footage of Day Z Standalone, It’s Doing Well

Check it out guys, Dean Hall has just released some cool new footage of Day Z Standalone. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any footage of the game at all, and it’s nice to know that development is ongoing and progressing well.

The video is in the header and starts off with a rather amusing warning about how the footage might disappoint Youtubers since the game is in pre-alpha and there’s all kinds of bugs like missing textures and floating.

It starts out with the player character fighting off a bunch of zombies (there seems to be only one zombie model as of yet). As you can see they have the melee combat kind of done. There are some kinks that need to be worked out but the basics seem to be down.

Next we look at the exploration and scavenging and there we get to see the infamous floating loot. We see the inventory system as well as the food and hydration mechanic as the player character eat something from a can of food and drinks a bottle of water.

DayZ, started off as an immensely popular Arma 2 mod, and was announced to be getting a full standalone version last year. It had a 2012 deadline but was delayed to 2013, and even now, we don’t have a solid release date.

The game did pop up in the Steam database recently, but given the state of this footage, a release still seems a ways off.