Meet the Good and the Bad Guys in Knack Launch Trailer

Sony’s self published action platformer Knack is a PlayStation 4 exclusive launch title so just when the timing was right, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, has released the launch trailer. Now you can actually see who you will be and who you are up against – the trailer gives extensive attention to the game’s protagonists and the antagonists.

The prime protagonist, Knack himself is a little creature with the power to absorb relics from the environment and inflate his size as well as abilities. Protagonists range from ferocious goblins who want to wipe off humanity from the face of earth, to wicked humans that come along with minions and robots.

Knack has been in development since three and a half years according to the EU PlayStation Blog and from the looks of the trailer, it is about as good as needed to go. Mark Cerny, the game director explained the character of Knack:

“Knack has the ability to pick up pieces of the environment and grow larger, so over the course of a level he can grow from a three foot tall “mascot” type character to a thirty foot tall rampaging monster.”

He boasts that the hardcore gamers will find the game quite up to their mark in terms of toughness (referring to the tougher modes of the game), and goes on to insist that the everyday casual gamers who usually play the game on Normal difficulty levels will also be “on their toes.”

Try out the Knack launch trailer for yourself and let us know your views about the game.