EA Will Pay Triple the Settlement Amount of Football Class Action Suit

If you had the chance to buy an EA football game between 2005 and 2012, you are in for a treat. Every one of you will get three times of original amount.

Under the new terms of a class action settlement which amounts to $27 million in total, everyone who bought Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football during the 7 years in question will be given $20.37.

The amount is up from $6.79 which was the previously decided amount per purchase. Furthermore, this figure is for all the PS2, Xbox (not Xbox 360), Nintendo GameCube or for Windows users. PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 users’ booty is a little less; you will get $5.85 instead of $1.95 for each game purchased.

In order to claim the money you will have to have purchased either of the games for the last gen or the current gen and Electronic Arts must have a physical mailing address of yours.

Once all the claims have been received, the valid ones will be paid out. In case the total claimed amount exceeds the 27million dollar settlement, the amount per claim will be reduced.

Previously, the leftover amount was supposed to be paid out to Child’s Play as charity, but the government had decided that it needs the money more, so all the leftovers will be collected by them.

The Pecover vs. Electronic Arts class-action monopoly lawsuit was regarding the company’s exclusive rights to make the football games – it has reached a decision point after 4 years.

Source: Polygon