Voxel RPG Trove Mixes Random And Persistent Content, Sign Up For Alpha Now

Developer Trion Worlds announced a new project called Trove today. This PC title follows the success of voxel visuals that were popularized by the indie giant that is Minecraft.

With the prior reference in mind, the world will look familiar, with blocky 3D environments for anything from terrain to fauna and flora. A cell-shaded style of outlines and bright colors will accompany the setting for some added eye candy.

What’s more important is that Trove also tries to move away from its voxel brethren by providing something unique. Its main quality is that players go through an adventure that is both randomized as well as persistent.

This works as follows: Worlds and content inside of it are procedurally generated, which functions the same as other sandbox titles.

Aside from that, players can build their own little place called a Cornerstone, which serves as their home base. This structure stays with them in whatever new worlds they encounter, leaving a piece of the puzzle intact.

The rest of Trove follows roleplaying elements, with monsters roaming around that you can defeat, quests you can take and treasures you can loot. By progressing in the game’s story and completing objectives, the infinitely randomized dungeons and worlds will change around the player.

On their way, they’ll be able to defeat bosses, level up and customize their characters. A crafting system will also allow them to make some additional items.

Moreover, players can create novelties of their own in the form of brand new weapons, monsters and so on. These can even appear in worlds from other players, meshing together random and user-generated content.

The developer mentioned that there’s a system in the works where making custom items will be possible outside of the game as well, which can then be imported.

You can sign up for the Alpha of Trove right now. You need to make a Trion account for your trouble, which also gives you access to its other titles, like Rift and End of Nations.