USFIV: Capcom Differentiates New Characters From Their Traditional Style

A new post on the Capcom Unity blog states how the development team is hard at work sorting out all of the suggestions placed by players for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. Capcom is strictly looking at the new four characters in specific and make sure they fit right in with the Street Fighter universe.

Here’s how their fighting capabilities will differentiate from the previous games in which they were featured.

Dashing in close to your opponent as Elena now gives you plenty of options, including varying low attacks. In contrast, Elena’s traditional style featured a great range on her kicks but despite that she had limited low attacks and couldn’t be played to her full potential. That changes in USFIV, where she is now being made a “fun mid-ranged character who can also hold her own up close with an exciting high/low game.”

USFIV will capture Rolento’s true essence in the form of his ability to take control of space both offensively and defensively. He might not be that fun of a player to play with when compared to Elena, but those mastering him will be able to use his movements and style to make sure the enemy never gets an upper hand.

Much Like Zangief, T.Hawk and Hakan, Hugo is a grappling character that will have every opponent on their toes. Hugo’s power though is best seen when he pushes his opponent into a corner. Capcom states that in the corner, it’s very hard for anyone to get out against Hugo. His corner pressure is just too great.

In contrast to her Street Fighter X Tekken appearance where she didn’t have enough damage to garner the respect from players; Poison is going to be pretty ‘deadly’, no pun intended, in the new Street Fighter. According to Capcom she’s going to have a “variety of fun attacks to play with in close, yet will still be able to hold her own mid range and against projectile characters.”

Ultra Street Fighter IV is looking for a release in early 2014 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.