Respawn Shows off Atlas Titan Statue from Titanfall Collector’s Edition

For those of you who pre-ordered the Titanfall Collector’s Edition because of the huge Atlas Titan Statue that comes with it, Respawn by showing the titan in this short video makes the wait even more difficult and perhaps gives a reason to those who are still pondering on whether they should pre-order it.

This three and half minute video video shows us lead artist Joel Emslie discussing all the great features of the Titan Atlas.

Respawn announced collector’s edition back on October 22 with a whopping price tag of $249.99.

Accompanying the standard edition of the game, it brings you an exclusive Titanfall Art Book, an Atlas Titan Schematic Poster and a one and half feet tall Atlas Titan Statue.

Atlas Titan Statue, the one shown in the video comes with diorama and battery powered LED lighting. It is supposed to be a realistic handcrafted depiction of the Titans that play a major role in Titanfall.

Titanfall will release as an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in the second week of March 2014.