Microsoft Congratulates Sony on Their PS4 Launch

Current cultures almost demand rival companies to take potshots at each other following major announcements or reveals. So in the case of Sony vs Microsoft; we were perhaps expecting more of a war than a classy act of congratulating the rival company.

A couple of days ago when the first PS4 units started showing faults, the official Xbox Magazine fired a couple of shots at the competition by Tweeting “Greatness Awaits?” and then followed up with a quick “Sorry guys, we couldn’t resist”.

Microsoft themselves though congratulated Sony on their launch event at midnight. It started with a tweet from Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, “Congratulations to @Playstation on their North American launch cc @yosp @amboyes”; which Sony’s Adam Boyes and Shuhei Yoshida appreciated and in turn wished Larry good luck for the Xbox One launch next week.

Today Microsoft made it official be tweeting the image (above).

The PlayStation 4 is now available in North America for $399 and will release in Europe on November 29. The Xbox One launches next week on the 22nd.

Source Twitter