High Amount of Traffic Causing PSN Connection Problems for PS4 Users

The PlayStation 4 launch event kicked off today with a lot of gamers piling on top of each other in attempts to secure themselves one of the bundles on sale. Those successful hurried back home to get a taste of next-gen but only to be met with hindrances when trying to connect to the PSN.

Many reported being greeted with error code “NW-31453-6” and also “E-80E80034” along with the message: “The network connection has been lost.” As a result these PlayStation 4 users headed to the PlayStation’s Facebook page, forums, Twitter and other social circles to express their disappointment.

According to Sony the issue is with the high amount of people trying to connect at once and hence choking the network a bit. Such issues are not unusual and you see them every time a MMO launches. It was the same case with Diablo III and with the recently released Final Fantasy.

“The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience,” a statement on the PlayStation Support site reads.

The PlayStation 4 features a day-one patch weighing in at 308 MB that introduces features such as Remote Play with the Vita, party chat, online multiplayer and the ‘awesome’ ability to play games while they download.