Dota 2 Three Spirits Patch Brings Diretide and Two New Heroes

It was a long time ago since there was an update as big as this one.

The Three Spirits Update just came live on Dota 2, and it brings to the fray the long-awaited Ember Spirit, a fire themed carry hero with high mobility and huge AoE damage, the Earth Spirit, which is a tanky hero who can save allies from far away and do a lot of magical damage.

The third spirit in this themed patch is simply the remake of Storm Spirit’s model, giving him a fresh new look.

The fans can rest since Diretide is now live. Players can now battle each other by stealing candy from the other team while keeping it from Roshan himself. The event will be playable for two entire weeks until 28th of November.

A new coaching feature has been introduced! Players can now invite other more experienced players to guide them with ingame real time instructions and decision making. The coach himself will only see what his trainee sees to prevent people abusing it to win games in matchmaking.

Crafting is now another thing to do in Dota 2.

With it you can get rid of unwanted items and turn them into better and more rare items through the use of recipes. Speaking of items, now all of them are socketed and you can insert gems into them to further personalize animations and change its colors and particle effects.

Another function that these sockets can be used for is the ability to insert Autograph runes, which are the digital signatures of players and famous community members.

You have a favorite player and want to show your support but just can’t get his signature? Don’t worry, from now on players are able to sign contracts with workshop artists to create their own item sets.

The featured player set released is iceiceice’s Spirit Breaker set.

Besides this, lots of miscellaneous features have been added and improved, such as a lanepicker during the hero selection screen, a Showcase zoomed in perspective view which will allow for some great move making and also the long awaited color blind mode.

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