Check Out 12 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Side Mission Gameplay

On the same day as its announcement of exclusive Playstation content, Konami also released 12 minutes of gameplay footage for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

We’ll follow Snake on a side mission, with added narration of what’s happening on the screen.

Auxiliary missions take place in the same military encampment as main goals, but on a different time schedule. This provides a look at the change between the game’s new day and night cycles, which will come with separate gameplay moments.

Since this mission takes place during the day, players will need to be more careful, as visibility is enhanced. Daylight shines on the screen with the usual glaring. The game also makes ample use of blurring tactics to differentiate vision areas.

Snake is crouched in the back of a truck. As he goes around the open environment, he can use his binoculars to mark enemies. Doing so will allow him to keep track of positions on his map, which he can bring up as a holograph on a device called a terminal. There, he can also view objectives.

This mission starts with trying to identify a target for questioning. After some skulking around, it’s time to take out some guards. We get to see how bullet drop design works, to factor in distance.

To interrogate the target, the clip shows off close quarter combat, which comes with several prompts to stun or kill. Later in the clip, melee is followed up on consecutive targets, granted they are in each other’s proximity, as a nod towards the PSP release Peace Walker. Further still, we see a new element where enemies are disarmed and their weapons turned against them, like the martial art of Krav Maga.

After our victim spills the beans with a strange calm in his voice, he is subdued and the objective changes on the map. Goals can also be marked, so they show on the screen, outside of the terminal.

Since soldiers can spot downed enemies, it’s required to hide bodies. We continue by seeing some cover mechanisms, where actions can also take place, such as taking down opponents. During that process, a tank rolls by and shakes up the screen.

Should you be spotted, time will slow down at first, triggering Reflex Mode.

After that, the clip goes to more combat-oriented moves. Snake can climb on a tower and take out targets with a sniper rifle or shoot explosive objects. If he’s hit, the screen will get blotted, signaling probable regenerative health mechanisms.

As the retrieving chopper is taken down, the objective adapts towards other ways to complete the mission. By using a nearby vehicle, it’s possible to escape the base regardless of the helicopter going down. A short cinematic then shows the car bursting out of the encampment.