Xbox One Starts Up With Kinect in Time For an Instagram Video

Microsoft launched a short clip to demonstrate how long it takes for an Xbox One to turn on.  In another social media stunt, the company’s spokesperson, Larry Hryb, demonstrated the device booting up with just his voice. You probably know Hryb under his moniker Major Nelson.

The clip was posted on his Instagram feed, which allows videos of up to 15 seconds. It starts off with Major Nelson commanding the device by saying “Xbox, on.” From there, the camera pans out to the nearby television, with the Kinect device in range.

Booting starts after just a few seconds, with the peripheral recognizing the startup command. Following that, the rest of the process is done in just a few seconds more. This includes Xbox One recognizing the voice as being that of Larry himself, greeting him and then sending him to the home dashboard.

Once again, Microsoft brandishes the power of social media for double purposes. Using a very limited timespan like that of Instagram will prove that the motion can be done in seconds. Furthermore, using the more popular channels will attract the most networking connections of people sharing the link and so on.

Microsoft is on a social media publicity roll. Previously, Major Nelson also demonstrated how to redeem codes through the Xbox One’s Kinect camera. This process was uploaded on a Vine video of just 6 seconds.

There is, however, one thing to note from the startup process. Booting is possible, only because Kinect has a feature that has it always listening to its environment. If privacy concerns you, you may want to look into turning that off. Still, Microsoft says that privacy is a “top priority,” but that’s what everyone says when they’re asked about it.

You can check out the video here.