X Rebirth Tells Us To Enter Space, Out Tomorrow

A new trailer for X Rebirth has emerged that invites people to enter space. This upcoming PC title from publisher Deep Silver surrounds itself around an ambitious spacefarer named Ren Otani and their Albion ship.

First off, it should be noted that anything in the clip is said to be made up of actual gameplay footage. After that, we dive right into the gateway towards colonized space.

We’re immediately greeted by buzzing ships whizzing by, giant fleets hovering around like space whales and even more humongous space stations.

Some of these stations evolved to actual cities, where we see neon signs and other advertisements beckoning adventurers.

The rest of the clip focuses on one of the more intense portions of X Rebirth, namely its large-scaled battles. Those small ships will need to use their numbers and maneuverability to fend off attackers.

Bigger ships, in turn, use more weapons, like giant lasers, to do damage.

As the action unfolds, there is special attention for the added lighting effects in the game. Many weapons cast bright lights, contrasting with the void of space.

Looking even more into the background, these battles take place with huge planets as their canvas and bright stars complementing the colorful palette with their light flares.

Players will be able to control their dogfights in a first-person view from the cockpit. Everything else is left up to whim.

X Rebirth offers players a way to craft their own story. Aside from just fighting it out, building opportunities grants the choice to construct one’s own network, trade with others, upgrade existing resources and so on.

This game will offer both the lawful way to rise through the ranks as well as the option with more freedom from moral decisions.

X Rebirth will be available on Steam on November 15 for €49.99.